Autumn-Winter Collection

Autumn-Winter Collection

These coming seasons, Shiori has decided to renew the brand and evoke the free spirit of nature. During the Autumn and Winter, the hippie style from the 60s will be back with our unique touch.

Discover the new collection through the photobook hand by hand with our beautiful models!

SHIORI otoño invierno 2016

This year we start the new look by playing with our emblematic collections Ocean, Vintage Leaves and Elements. We have added the calm and serenity of the coming seasons to the main pieces. You will find a wide variety of greys, blues and greens mix with the gentle warmth of Autumn using as a base colours such as coffee, sand and camel. But we can’t forget the spark of life with touches of fuchsia and aubergine.

This harmonic palette of colours has been designed to match perfectly with almost any kind of accessory, adding a fine touch of colour and vibrancy.

Among the classics of our brand, you will find timeless pieces that fit perfectly even during Winter.


Where are we traveling this time?

SHIORI Pendiente Asian Touch 45€ www.shiori.esSHIORI pendientes Veris 35€ y gargantilla Ocean 36,50€ www.shiori.esCalifornia, the spirit of the 60s, India, music festivals and places like Goa and Vietnam. All of it will be our signature, expressing the necessity for freedom and adventure that is so desperately sought nowadays. You will find it represented on each of our handmade jewelry pieces, fighting the stress of the daily routine.

This season we would love to bring you the serenity and the equilibrium to carry on. In order to do so, we have gathered the very best of each place and each hidden corner so you can enjoy it and feel the harmony through your day.

We have already talked plenty about our philosophy on previous articles, exploring the incredible influence that the United Kingdom has on our brand, but also traveling along the Asian country, exploring beautiful paradises.


The Collections

SHIORI Colgante citrina 45€ y colgante cuerno ágata www.shiori.esDo you want to know about what is new? This year we are also adding some new pieces to our website.

With the Ocean collection, we introduce the bright amethyst and citrine, highlighting the colours of the irregular bracelets that call back to the ocean with gems like aventurine and labradorite, combined with pyrite. This way, even during winter you can recall the strength of this incredible element: the water, and you can remember the bright sun that follows the cold.

On the other hand, the Asian Touch’s pendants get a baroque touch thanks to different elements extracted from exquisite places such as Vietnam: elaborated pompoms, enamelled pieces, bronze elements and some semi-precious stones as a final touch.

We have created with all that astonishing jewelry that will bright up your winter, bringing you closer to the boho style that we seek.

But truth be told, the real protagonist is the new collection we are preparing, using as a base our motto and the true essence of Shiori: the boho-chic style.

This collection will be known by it’s light rock touch, that will allure the youngest audience.

It is composed by long, circular earring, semi-precious stones and crystal, agate in the shape of an elephant horn and bracelets with messages to live by and share.

These last ones will be particularly noteworthy because they will be part of our customization tool, so you can easily combine them with other Shiori bracelets.

However, the core piece is the Free Spirit pendant, with a positive and inspiring message that you can always bring with you, close to your heart. We really wanted the create a unique piece that represented the motto of our brand.

“Do what makes your soul shine”

SHIORI colgante Free Spirit 35€


Meanwhile, our core collection, Elements, plus Vintage Leaves, Veris and Lua remain timeless with light varieties, adjusting the colours to the season, so you keep your closet updated. It is really easy to combine the boho style with other fashion adds, creating your own, unique look each time.

Our main goal is to create beautiful and elegant handmade jewelry that you will enjoy not only wearing, but also talking about its creation.

Enjoy the new collections and discover all the different combination available for you!

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