Handmade Jewellery from Spain at Film Festivals

Since 2008, Shiori Jewellery is a popular choice for the cosmopolitan woman who is searching for a different style to represnt herself. Everyday there are more women joining this colorful and fresh trend in jewellery.

Step by step, our brand is becoming more present in Spain and some other european countries like France, Portugal and Italy. Our passion for handmade, high-quality jewellery with the purest boho-chic style get further every day and in a wider variety, always remaining loyal to our origins.

Our collections appear in popular spanish fashion magazines like Clara, Woman Shopping and Cuore, and it’s a perfect recommendation for any kind of season, but especially for the spring-summer time.

But our brand has also appeared in film festivals and several TV shows. However, today we would love to focus on the Malaga’s Film Festival that is taking place right now in Spain, gathering popular actors and directors.


Shiori Jewellery, but especially our bracelets, have been spotted since 2013 thanks to our friends from the El Palomitrón (a spanish blog specialized in cinema awarded with the Best Movies Blog). They selected our brand as a present to the actresses they interviewed during the festival for three consecutive years.

Some of the well known actresses are Maribel Verdú, Ana Fernández and Aura Garrido, who loved the present so much that El Palomitrón decided to maintain our bracelets are their gift.

ruth armasFurther more, this year, Ruth Armas has chosen Shiori for her look at the opening gala of the festival. She wore a beautiful ring from the Elements’ collection, matching her water-green handbag. That gave the overall look a touch of colour since she was wearing a gorgeous lace dress.

And we jump from actresses to directors, since Paula Ortiz also picked Shiori Jewellery during San Sebastián Film Festival. She was nominated to two Goyas due to her movie ‘La Novia’, a visual adaptation of Blood Wedding, a tragedy written by Federico García Lorca.

We can also mention the stylish Flora González, who is another of our regular customers with a fine taste for jewellery. She uses her Instagram to upload pictures of her favorite pieces, some of them rings and bracelets from the Elements collection, one of our most well known handmade jewellery.

anne igartiburu con pendientes shiori www.shiori.esAnne Igartiburu is another example of good taste. The host and actress also fell in love with our handmade jewellery, showing some our brand’s iconic pieces during her TV show such as the Vintage Leaves earrings.

As you can see, our boho-chic style fits any occasion, it doesn’t matter if you are hosting a gala or going on a date. Within our wide assortment of choices you will find one of your taste for sure.

Shiori Jewellery has more presence each day on the fashion world, because handmade, high-quality jewellery doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive. We always bet for the perfect balance between quality, price and style so you can have the perfect piece of jewellery.


We just presented our SS’16 collection in the jewellery show Bisutex held in Madrid between the 3 and the 7 of February.

Our collection was very well received by customers and it will be available very soon at our stockist and in a couple of weeks at our new online store.


Our traditional winter showroom in Andorra took place last Saturday in the 1940 Restaurant.

People who attended the showroom had the opportunity to get the FW’15 collection at special prices as well as enjoy different promotions and the beautiful hats of Spanish brand Madame Fonfón sold in exclusivity in Andorra by us.

For the last 6 years we have been organising this event in Andorra and it was a pleasure to see clients that have been with us for such a long time. We were very happy to meet new clients that had discover Shiori through the Internet and that came to meet us that day.

As usually, the 1940 Restaurant surprised us with a lovely  evening tea with homemade cakes.