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Autumn-Winter Collection

These coming seasons, Shiori has decided to renew the brand and evoke the free spirit of nature. During the Autumn and Winter, the hippie style from the 60s will be back with our unique touch.

Discover the new collection through the photobook hand by hand with our beautiful models!

SHIORI otoño invierno 2016

This year we start the new look by playing with our emblematic collections Ocean, Vintage Leaves and Elements. We have added the calm and serenity of the coming seasons to the main pieces. You will find a wide variety of greys, blues and greens mix with the gentle warmth of Autumn using as a base colours such as coffee, sand and camel. But we can’t forget the spark of life with touches of fuchsia and aubergine.

This harmonic palette of colours has been designed to match perfectly with almost any kind of accessory, adding a fine touch of colour and vibrancy.

Among the classics of our brand, you will find timeless pieces that fit perfectly even during Winter.


Where are we traveling this time?

SHIORI Pendiente Asian Touch 45€ www.shiori.esSHIORI pendientes Veris 35€ y gargantilla Ocean 36,50€ www.shiori.esCalifornia, the spirit of the 60s, India, music festivals and places like Goa and Vietnam. All of it will be our signature, expressing the necessity for freedom and adventure that is so desperately sought nowadays. You will find it represented on each of our handmade jewelry pieces, fighting the stress of the daily routine.

This season we would love to bring you the serenity and the equilibrium to carry on. In order to do so, we have gathered the very best of each place and each hidden corner so you can enjoy it and feel the harmony through your day.

We have already talked plenty about our philosophy on previous articles, exploring the incredible influence that the United Kingdom has on our brand, but also traveling along the Asian country, exploring beautiful paradises.


The Collections

SHIORI Colgante citrina 45€ y colgante cuerno ágata www.shiori.esDo you want to know about what is new? This year we are also adding some new pieces to our website.

With the Ocean collection, we introduce the bright amethyst and citrine, highlighting the colours of the irregular bracelets that call back to the ocean with gems like aventurine and labradorite, combined with pyrite. This way, even during winter you can recall the strength of this incredible element: the water, and you can remember the bright sun that follows the cold.

On the other hand, the Asian Touch’s pendants get a baroque touch thanks to different elements extracted from exquisite places such as Vietnam: elaborated pompoms, enamelled pieces, bronze elements and some semi-precious stones as a final touch.

We have created with all that astonishing jewelry that will bright up your winter, bringing you closer to the boho style that we seek.

But truth be told, the real protagonist is the new collection we are preparing, using as a base our motto and the true essence of Shiori: the boho-chic style.

This collection will be known by it’s light rock touch, that will allure the youngest audience.

It is composed by long, circular earring, semi-precious stones and crystal, agate in the shape of an elephant horn and bracelets with messages to live by and share.

These last ones will be particularly noteworthy because they will be part of our customization tool, so you can easily combine them with other Shiori bracelets.

However, the core piece is the Free Spirit pendant, with a positive and inspiring message that you can always bring with you, close to your heart. We really wanted the create a unique piece that represented the motto of our brand.

“Do what makes your soul shine”

SHIORI colgante Free Spirit 35€


Meanwhile, our core collection, Elements, plus Vintage Leaves, Veris and Lua remain timeless with light varieties, adjusting the colours to the season, so you keep your closet updated. It is really easy to combine the boho style with other fashion adds, creating your own, unique look each time.

Our main goal is to create beautiful and elegant handmade jewelry that you will enjoy not only wearing, but also talking about its creation.

Enjoy the new collections and discover all the different combination available for you!

Shiori in the United Kingdom

Streets full of life, pop music, cultural diversity and the peacefulness of the English countryside. The United Kingdom is a place of contrasts and dualities, and a driving for Shiori Jewelry that we would love to introduce you today.

Thanks to the Anglo-Saxon mentality regarding to entrepreneurship and exploration, we have developed a deep sense of liberty and freedom that is represented through all our collections.

The technicolours of the 60’s, the magic of hidden castles and the bubbling noise of the cities, that what we will walk you through today: the United Kingdom.

shiori the united kingdom

The Duality of United Kingdom

From the modern architecture of London to the ancient towns and cities, the United Kingdom is one of the richest countries when talking about history. We not only talk about the numerous invasions they had since the age of the Roman Empire, but also the mix of people and cultures when they became the greatest empire.

shiori united kingdom 2The vibrant life of the cities has nothing to do with the peacefulness that you can experience traveling through the countryside; even the colours and the light are different, varying from the bright green of the land to the greyish tones of the pavement.

The differences are evident when one travels around the tiny, hidden towns and rural communities. However, this contrast is even more evident within the city of London. Walking through the streets one gets the taste of an older era: the buildings, bridges and monuments have a strong taste to past centuries as one can appreciate at the Abbey of Westminster or the Big Ben.

But along the newer areas, suddenly you find yourself surrounded by the shine and lines of modern architecture: The Gherkin Building, Piccadilly Circus and the Millenium Bridge.
You simply cannot overlook how both styles mix together creating a unique picture.

We can find it represented, for example, on the classic and grave lines of the Elements collection, combined with lighter colors.

bangles by shiori jewellery


The Light

But there is more that one can appreciate just by walking or traveling around the countryside: the changing light.

The United Kigndom is well known by its gloomy and blue-like weather. But if you pay attention while exploring the hidden retreats, you will start noticing the strong and bright light that illuminates the skies and landscapes, empowering nature’s colours and the changing tones through the four seasons.

That kind of light has been captured through stones like the pink quartz, opalite and aqua calcedonite. It gives a sense of clarity and calm that we captured on the Lua collection.

united kingdom countryside

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you get to the cities you can find yourself surrounded by the sobriety of the building and the shine of neon signs, advertisements and traffic lights: an artificial kind of light that brings up the vibrancy of the cities.


Music and festivals60's flowers united kingdom

The 60’s, also known as the decade that shook Britain, where a period full of technicolour, music and life that awakened the hippie movement.

It was a turbulent period, with wars, protests and conflicts all around the world. However, the music stood out bringing love and freedom to fight for what was right.

the beattlesThe Beatles were the first band that influenced the lives of young ‘britons’, but many others followed: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones brought new sounds and pieces of music that stirred up the world of art.

The festivals were filled with colour and also popular drugs that rose new feelings and ways of understanding reality: weed, LSD and ecstasy were very well known.

However, this changing period cannot go without mentioning the difficult times that society lived due to the Vietnam War. Artists like John Lennon and others brought it to the attentions of British people through protests against the conflict and, of course, their musics: the purest way to express themselves.

If there is something we should really mention about this period, is that it was the beginning of wha
t lately became the values and lifestyle of Shiori.


Shiori in United Kingdom

As you can see, there is much more behind our brand: the nuances of places that inspire new designs and bring back fragments of history.

Many of our online buyers are from England and Scotland, and the trends that the United Kingdom gives off is still a huge influence for Shiori. Figures such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are an important role for us. We even have some project focused uniquely on the sobriety and retro style of the United Kingdom.

However, that would be another surprise for the near future.

Spanish handmade jewelry for weddings

Spring is already here, and as we all know this is the favorite season for lovers to say ‘yes’.

Are you tired of the traditional wedding-look that all magazines show and talk about? Then, this is your lucky day! Today we will give you some simple ideas to have a wonderful event that all your guests will always remember, all using a creative touch and our spanish handmade jewelry.

We hope that you find some inspiration within our suggestions to make your day even more especial.


Ibizan Wedding

joyas para bodas ibicencas

Beach, sun and the bright and warm summer light for a vibrant experience surrounded by nature. Just imagine a wedding at the sunset, with all those orangey glimmers over the sky and the ocean, saying yes under an arch of ivy next to the seashore.

This kind of wedding is becoming more and more popular in the mediterranean sea, especially around the Spanish islands and some other tropical countries. For that moment, our boho-chic and vintage style amazingly well: high jewelry that you can show off for many other occasions. Dress the pure white and celebrate such a memorable day next to the ocean in harmony with nature, our biggest inspiration.

Ibizan weddings have a very nice and easy-wear look: plain, white clothes with embroideries for the loves as well as all the guests. It is always comfortable, light and perfect for warm and humid places.

All that makes it easier to combine with our handmade jewelry, which matches very well with the elegant and simplicity of our brand.



Any of our classic ‘white’ semiprecious stones with a gold or silver finish will fit perfectly: we suggest our Asian Touch earrings with a white or light color- if you are in the mood for some light tone-. Those are delicate jewelry that evokes nature and a sense of freedom. On the same style, you can find our Lua rings, although for the more traditional Ibizan look, we suggest not picking a very bright color.

However, if you feel wild, our proposal would be to mix light and bright colors. For example, you can pick just one color for everybody to wear combining it with the traditional white, or you could even assign a particular color to each of you maids of honor while you attach to the pure white.

For this mean, our Elements collection would be perfect, offering you a wide range of colors, shades and tones to combine.

Which colour would you chose for your wedding?


Vintage Wedding

Dust off your old stuff and give them a brand, new life.

joyas para bodas vintage www.shiori.esThis kind of weddings have a particularly lovely touch thanks to the old-new mixture, bringing up a lot of memories. There are thousands of ideas around the internet, especially on Pinterest, to get inspired and create your own designs with whatever you have on hand, from old suitcases, lamps, to unique photo shoots for your guests.

This style has a special charm, combining soft and warm colours, with flowers and handmade pieces. If you are a gust, our Vintage Leaves collection will brighten up your style, with a variety of colours easily to match with almost any kind of outfit.

Our Veris and Ocean earrings are an excellent choice since they were created with a touch of the crazy 20s, perfect for a vintage theme.

And, why not creating your own personal bracelets?

Use our creative tool and make sure you design the perfect match for your dress. That would be also a perfect gift for your guests.

Hippie Chic Wedding

Strong colours, flower crowns, and the well known Volkswagen pick-up.

joyas para bodas hippie chic www.shiori.esThis kind of weddings are characterize by its simplicity and harmony with nature, using fresh and visual elements to build up the perfect atmosphere. They usually take place in nature: parks, lakes and such. The decoration varies quite a bit, but it can by built through reused bottles as floral centerpieces, colorful veils, cushions and candles.

For this occasion, the Asian Touch earrings would be a winning choice, especially due to its circular forms and movement. They match with almost any kind of ring from Shiori.

But the most important element for this kind of event would be the bracelets: the more the better, especially if flowers and bright colours are your choice. You can use our personalized tool to create the perfect combination of shapes and colours. And it would be unique!

And the Element necklace would be the icing of the cake, making you feel in harmony with the atmosphere.

There are as many wedding as brides, and of course as many bracelets and earring as weddings. It is all a matter of finding your ideal style so you can play with the designs and colours until you feel gorgeous.

We have a wide variety of spanish handmade jewelry for any kind of event, including weddings and receptions. Don’t pick just one!

All these ideas can be easily adjusted to offer usability and create something that your guests will always remember. It is all a matter of imagination and a little bit of handicraft.

Be yourself at any time with all this options.


The spanish magazine ‘ON’ interviewed our creator, Silvia Hernández, granting her the opportunity to talk about the source of inspiration for her new Spring-Summer collection: Cuba and its capital city, La Habana.

Since the interview was in Spanish, we decided to translate it just for you. You can read it below.

suplemento ON pais vasco 9 abril 2016

Cuba’s fashionable decadence

JEWELLERY – From the light pink color, the vanilla and coral, to the intense indigo and the ocean-green. Those are just some of the colors painting La Habana’s elegant façades,, and also the primary hues of the new collection recommended by Shiori Jewellery for the Spring-Summer time. “I wanted gems included on that pretty color-palette because they definitely help to immerse yourself into the multi-colored streets of Cuba’s capital city. My intention was to reflect the aesthetics of the city, the soft light and its decadent side, but also showing the dynamism and movement among the streets.”, explains Silvia Hernández, the young designer born in Gasteiz and ‘a home base in Andorra.”

This collection has been crafted with semi-precious stones such as pink quartz, amazonite, citrine, prehnite… some of them are even barely sculpted. The necklaces are gold and silver plated, with a given vintage look on each piece, recalling as well the most iconic period of La Habana: the 50s. Color and movement are the predominant features on the earrings, and for the bracelets they bet for the more you wear, the better. They also offer a wide assortment of colors to create your own combination.

Cuba y Shiori


Travels and nature are the leit motiv of Shiori, as Silvia Hernández explains, wanting to reflect on her own personality and lifestyle. “For me, it is impossible to conceive life without traveling and getting to know other cultures. The best trips are always those in which you can immerse yourself into the lifestyle of the place you visit, talking to the local people and learning the craftsmanship … It is just amazing.”
Shiori Jewellery, born in 2008, is a brand that stands for handicraft. Soon it will release their new website and for now, it keeps acquiring selling spots to their distributors’ network.

Our collection SS’16 is already available at our online store. You can also check our selling spots here.


The inspiration in Nature is a key feature for our brand so for the shooting of our FW’15 collection we wanted a location that transmitted the essence of the Autumn, and we found it!

The Andorran woods were the perfect scenario. The forest was stunning with Autumn colors and the light that day was fantastic.

For the outfits of our models we chose the colorful hats of the Spanish brand “Madame Fonfón”. As our jewellery, their hats are 100% made by hand with high quality materials. We combined them with very warm tartan scarves and this was the result:

Models: P.Camps & A.Loa

Photographer: V.Lucas

Stylists: G.Orihuela & S.Hernández

Video editor: A.Camps

Location: Principality of Andorra