about shiori

Nostalgic Hoi An and Vibrant New York; blue-green Andaman Sea and Mediterranean light; shapes and colors of Nature; art-deco and the infinite necklaces of the 20’s are some of the ingredients of the essence of Shiori.

Passion for the immense Nature and for cultural diversity reflected through the use of materials such as gemstones, porcelain, crystals as well as metals brought from different places.The result are limited editions of handmade jewellery: from timeless designs with an art-deco nuance, to boho-chic pieces.


Nature with its light, shapes and colors is the source of inspiration for Silvia, Spanish designer that expresses her creativity through Shiori, jewellery brand that is chosen since 2008 by trendy women all around the world to add a chic touch to their outfits.

Her passion for the art and travel, discovering and exploring other cultures and ways of living took her to Asia, continent that captivated her and pushed her to venture into the design of jewellery. After several years working as a freelance consultant, she decided to apply her experience to her real passion creating the brand Shiori in 2008.

Silvia’s family has always been closely linked to the sewing and design industry. The savoir-faire of the patterns and the passion for fashion have been passed from generation to generation and now she is, with Shiori, the one who takes the baton to keep alive the family’s legacy.

This tradition is perceived in the quality of the finishes of each piece, in the retro touch of some of the pieces with influences from the 20’s and 30’s and in the mime when choosing the materials: semiprecious stones cut and faceted by hand from rough and a large range of unique materials that are able to catch the magic of Nature.

The result are versatile pieces: from timeless designs to pieces with a boho chic touch. Jewellery designed for a trendy and dynamic woman who likes to mark the difference with her outfits and that values a handcrafted piece of jewellery made with unique materials.

Every piece is designed by Silvia from her workshop in the Principality of Andorra from where the brand is distributed worldwide through the online store and through retailers.

We invite you all to discover Shiori and to add a touch of magic to your day to day.