Shiori in the United Kingdom

Shiori in the United Kingdom

Streets full of life, pop music, cultural diversity and the peacefulness of the English countryside. The United Kingdom is a place of contrasts and dualities, and a driving for Shiori Jewelry that we would love to introduce you today.

Thanks to the Anglo-Saxon mentality regarding to entrepreneurship and exploration, we have developed a deep sense of liberty and freedom that is represented through all our collections.

The technicolours of the 60’s, the magic of hidden castles and the bubbling noise of the cities, that what we will walk you through today: the United Kingdom.

shiori the united kingdom

The Duality of United Kingdom

From the modern architecture of London to the ancient towns and cities, the United Kingdom is one of the richest countries when talking about history. We not only talk about the numerous invasions they had since the age of the Roman Empire, but also the mix of people and cultures when they became the greatest empire.

shiori united kingdom 2The vibrant life of the cities has nothing to do with the peacefulness that you can experience traveling through the countryside; even the colours and the light are different, varying from the bright green of the land to the greyish tones of the pavement.

The differences are evident when one travels around the tiny, hidden towns and rural communities. However, this contrast is even more evident within the city of London. Walking through the streets one gets the taste of an older era: the buildings, bridges and monuments have a strong taste to past centuries as one can appreciate at the Abbey of Westminster or the Big Ben.

But along the newer areas, suddenly you find yourself surrounded by the shine and lines of modern architecture: The Gherkin Building, Piccadilly Circus and the Millenium Bridge.
You simply cannot overlook how both styles mix together creating a unique picture.

We can find it represented, for example, on the classic and grave lines of the Elements collection, combined with lighter colors.

bangles by shiori jewellery


The Light

But there is more that one can appreciate just by walking or traveling around the countryside: the changing light.

The United Kigndom is well known by its gloomy and blue-like weather. But if you pay attention while exploring the hidden retreats, you will start noticing the strong and bright light that illuminates the skies and landscapes, empowering nature’s colours and the changing tones through the four seasons.

That kind of light has been captured through stones like the pink quartz, opalite and aqua calcedonite. It gives a sense of clarity and calm that we captured on the Lua collection.

united kingdom countryside

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you get to the cities you can find yourself surrounded by the sobriety of the building and the shine of neon signs, advertisements and traffic lights: an artificial kind of light that brings up the vibrancy of the cities.


Music and festivals60's flowers united kingdom

The 60’s, also known as the decade that shook Britain, where a period full of technicolour, music and life that awakened the hippie movement.

It was a turbulent period, with wars, protests and conflicts all around the world. However, the music stood out bringing love and freedom to fight for what was right.

the beattlesThe Beatles were the first band that influenced the lives of young ‘britons’, but many others followed: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones brought new sounds and pieces of music that stirred up the world of art.

The festivals were filled with colour and also popular drugs that rose new feelings and ways of understanding reality: weed, LSD and ecstasy were very well known.

However, this changing period cannot go without mentioning the difficult times that society lived due to the Vietnam War. Artists like John Lennon and others brought it to the attentions of British people through protests against the conflict and, of course, their musics: the purest way to express themselves.

If there is something we should really mention about this period, is that it was the beginning of wha
t lately became the values and lifestyle of Shiori.


Shiori in United Kingdom

As you can see, there is much more behind our brand: the nuances of places that inspire new designs and bring back fragments of history.

Many of our online buyers are from England and Scotland, and the trends that the United Kingdom gives off is still a huge influence for Shiori. Figures such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are an important role for us. We even have some project focused uniquely on the sobriety and retro style of the United Kingdom.

However, that would be another surprise for the near future.

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