The spanish magazine ‘ON’ interviewed our creator, Silvia Hernández, granting her the opportunity to talk about the source of inspiration for her new Spring-Summer collection: Cuba and its capital city, La Habana.

Since the interview was in Spanish, we decided to translate it just for you. You can read it below.

suplemento ON pais vasco 9 abril 2016

Cuba’s fashionable decadence

JEWELLERY – From the light pink color, the vanilla and coral, to the intense indigo and the ocean-green. Those are just some of the colors painting La Habana’s elegant façades,, and also the primary hues of the new collection recommended by Shiori Jewellery for the Spring-Summer time. “I wanted gems included on that pretty color-palette because they definitely help to immerse yourself into the multi-colored streets of Cuba’s capital city. My intention was to reflect the aesthetics of the city, the soft light and its decadent side, but also showing the dynamism and movement among the streets.”, explains Silvia Hernández, the young designer born in Gasteiz and ‘a home base in Andorra.”

This collection has been crafted with semi-precious stones such as pink quartz, amazonite, citrine, prehnite… some of them are even barely sculpted. The necklaces are gold and silver plated, with a given vintage look on each piece, recalling as well the most iconic period of La Habana: the 50s. Color and movement are the predominant features on the earrings, and for the bracelets they bet for the more you wear, the better. They also offer a wide assortment of colors to create your own combination.

Cuba y Shiori


Travels and nature are the leit motiv of Shiori, as Silvia Hernández explains, wanting to reflect on her own personality and lifestyle. “For me, it is impossible to conceive life without traveling and getting to know other cultures. The best trips are always those in which you can immerse yourself into the lifestyle of the place you visit, talking to the local people and learning the craftsmanship … It is just amazing.”
Shiori Jewellery, born in 2008, is a brand that stands for handicraft. Soon it will release their new website and for now, it keeps acquiring selling spots to their distributors’ network.

Our collection SS’16 is already available at our online store. You can also check our selling spots here.